Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I spent most of the day in the garden/yard yesterday. I got about 1/10000000th of the work done that needs to be done, but with gardening I find the work as important as the result. I don't think it would feel like spring if my shoulders didn't hurt from raking. I rewarded myself with some picture taking of what is currently blooming.

About a week ago I liberated some incredibly new-looking shelving from a dumpster outside the mall. Turns out that it fits perfectly in our shed. Couldn't fit any better.

I got a delivery notice today for a package. I think I will have my mug in my hands tonight.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


"California Redwood sold by Yarmouth Woodworkers"

This place makes me think of the way Yarmouth used to be. I love seeing the old pictures from back when Yarmouth was booming. Shipbuilding, gold mining, a cigar factory, a theatre on Main Street. Yarmouth a beautiful place that needs it's vibrancy restored.


Yesterday I accomplished a goal that I've had for a long long time. I won a CBC mug (I can hear you gasping in newfound respect). I grew up with CBC Radio. I remember fondly the shows hosted by Peter Gzowski, Vicki Gabereau (okay, not as fondly), Bill Richardson, and Arthur Black. I have an unhealthy admiration for anything Jian Ghomeshi does (how can they be cancelling The National Playlist? Forget sponsorship, this requires a public inquiry.) and have had my vocabulary expanded by listening to Rex Murphy (to the point where I can sometimes even follow his Globe and Mail column). Over the years, I've always been jealous when other people have been awarded the ultimate CBC prize. Yesterday, listening to the Mystery Vocalist Contest on Weekend Mornings I knew I had my chance (In case you've lived a sheltered life to this point and don't listed to CBC, I'll explain the contest. It's a fairly standard name-that-singer contest. They play four short clips together and if you get through and name one of the four correctly you get a prize.). I normally have no idea who the vocalists are. I'm not exactly in the tradional Weekend Mornings demographic. But yesterday morning, glorious morning that it was, when I heard the clips played I knew 3 of the 4. (The contest is once an hour for the three hours that the show runs) No one got any correct the first hour. I called and didn't get through the second hour. Two of my three were correctly guessed. Surprisingly, I got through as first caller the third hour and proudly answered correctly. O, the sweet sweet feeling of accomplishment. I've met a standard set by my beloved CBC and she has bestowed upon me her highest honour. When it arrives I will post a picture.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

chinese lantern

I'm no botanist. Maybe I should be. I love plants enough that I should care enough to be able to name their parts. Maybe if I knew more I would be able to say why these stay on the plant during winter, the shell slowly disintegrating into an intricate cage. I think it would probably heighten my appreciation for the whole process. I'm not sure that I ever will though. For now, I'm content to point at a thing and say, "That's incredible," and to try and photographically communicate the way it reveals itself to me.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Apparently my predicion about the timing of our first flowers arriving was a bit off. The snow melted off this week and, behold, snowdrops. There are a few crocuses peeking up too. Very exciting stuff.

Friday, March 10, 2006

rock in ice

Thursday, March 09, 2006

frosty morning

frosty branches

Even though in some parts of the world spring is already springing we're still a while away from blooming flowers. Winter has it's beauty though. The other morning when I was out shooting, everything that was in shadow was covered in lovely frost.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

rocks this morning

wet rocks I went to the beach this morning and took many pictures. I was there on Sunday too. On Sunday there was fresh snow down and I saw a lot of different animal tracks. Some that I could recognize and some that I couldn't. There was one set of tracks running over the snow just below where the land drops down onto the beach. I didn't recognize the tracks. It struck me as odd how the animal would go over and around the snow covered rocks rather than up in the field. I guess less predation would be one answer. But then I thought that play might be another. I was out there in the fresh snow, taking a walk among the rocks, why wouldn't another animal be playing by the water that morning? The idea of animals playing has been on my mind since then. Animals clearly play. I love watching the cormorants at Reversing Falls in Saint John. They float down through the spinning, churning currents only to fly back upriver to start it all again. Over and over. I wonder what role it serves in their lives. I wonder what role it should serve in mine.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It's freezing here today. Has been for the past little while. I really wish I had something like this to cozy up to tonight.

Whenever I think of fire now, I think of fire-painter.com