Tuesday, March 07, 2006

rocks this morning

wet rocks I went to the beach this morning and took many pictures. I was there on Sunday too. On Sunday there was fresh snow down and I saw a lot of different animal tracks. Some that I could recognize and some that I couldn't. There was one set of tracks running over the snow just below where the land drops down onto the beach. I didn't recognize the tracks. It struck me as odd how the animal would go over and around the snow covered rocks rather than up in the field. I guess less predation would be one answer. But then I thought that play might be another. I was out there in the fresh snow, taking a walk among the rocks, why wouldn't another animal be playing by the water that morning? The idea of animals playing has been on my mind since then. Animals clearly play. I love watching the cormorants at Reversing Falls in Saint John. They float down through the spinning, churning currents only to fly back upriver to start it all again. Over and over. I wonder what role it serves in their lives. I wonder what role it should serve in mine.


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