Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yesterday I accomplished a goal that I've had for a long long time. I won a CBC mug (I can hear you gasping in newfound respect). I grew up with CBC Radio. I remember fondly the shows hosted by Peter Gzowski, Vicki Gabereau (okay, not as fondly), Bill Richardson, and Arthur Black. I have an unhealthy admiration for anything Jian Ghomeshi does (how can they be cancelling The National Playlist? Forget sponsorship, this requires a public inquiry.) and have had my vocabulary expanded by listening to Rex Murphy (to the point where I can sometimes even follow his Globe and Mail column). Over the years, I've always been jealous when other people have been awarded the ultimate CBC prize. Yesterday, listening to the Mystery Vocalist Contest on Weekend Mornings I knew I had my chance (In case you've lived a sheltered life to this point and don't listed to CBC, I'll explain the contest. It's a fairly standard name-that-singer contest. They play four short clips together and if you get through and name one of the four correctly you get a prize.). I normally have no idea who the vocalists are. I'm not exactly in the tradional Weekend Mornings demographic. But yesterday morning, glorious morning that it was, when I heard the clips played I knew 3 of the 4. (The contest is once an hour for the three hours that the show runs) No one got any correct the first hour. I called and didn't get through the second hour. Two of my three were correctly guessed. Surprisingly, I got through as first caller the third hour and proudly answered correctly. O, the sweet sweet feeling of accomplishment. I've met a standard set by my beloved CBC and she has bestowed upon me her highest honour. When it arrives I will post a picture.


At 2:35 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The National Playlist has been cancelled? I hadn't heard that. You just made my day!


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