Sunday, January 29, 2006

one week to go

In just one week from today I'll have my hands on my Canon 20D. I'm so excited to be making the jump into digital. I've really missed the control over the final product that I had when I was able to develop my own film. Seven short days and it will be in my hands.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day here. It was sunny and warm and not too windy. I went out to the lighthouse and shot for more than two hours. It was great. I used up an old roll of black and white IR film that I've had sitting in the freezer and a roll of colour. It was a very relaxing day off. My stress level drops to about zero when I'm involved in something creatively. It was nice to forget for a while that I'm heading into my third six-day work week in a row because we're short-staffed. But those six days should fly by knowing that my new camera awaits on the seventh


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