Sunday, December 11, 2005

'I've found Narnia!'

Friday night we had a huge storm. It snowed and snowed and snowed. The wind plastered the wet snow to everything. There was even thunder and lightening while it was snowing. Apocalyptic. We, of course, being stubborn decided to go to the cinema because we had already purchased our tickets. Our new winter tires easily handled the slush as we swerved to avoid fallen trees and dangling power lines. And so we arrived at the brand new theatre to watch 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.' (I think a quick note about the new theatre is in order here. The previous theatre had 3 screens. If a good movie happened to somehow find it's way here it was always shown on one of the small screens. By small, I mean that you could probably put more people in an average living room. In fact it the typical living room is a lot more comfortable because it lacks the broken and torn seats, the sticky floor, and fuzzy sound. So you can see how going to a film in a new theatre with big comfy seats, nice big screens, and good sound can appear to be worth braving the dangerous roads.) For those who haven't seen the movie yet or read the books (and you really should) Narnia is a magical world which has been ruled for 100 years by the white witch. With her reign comes eternal winter. When Lucy first goes through the wardrobe into Narnia, she goes from the warm British climate into the snowy woods of Narnia. We had just had a couple of glimpses of Narnia when a kid a couple of rows down from us decided to go get a refill on his popcorn (Geographic note: the exits are placed in front of most of the seating in the theatre we were in.). He headed for the nearest exit and opened the door, flooding the theatre with light. Snow started blowing in. He kind of froze and then looked back, not sure what to do (everyone at this point was looking at him). I'm not sure what motivated his decision but rather than cut his losses to embarassedly head for the door to the lobby he, in a t-shirt, went out through the door he had opened. I'd really like to think that his suspension of disbelief was so great that when confronted with the sudden unexpected snowy world that presented itself he thought that he'd found the entrance to Narnia and couldn't help but go through to see what adventure he might have.


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