Sunday, December 11, 2005

DIY macro lens

Today on boing boing I found one of the coolest do-it-yourself projects that I've ever seen. It is essentially turning an empty Pringles can into a bellows, which turns a standard 50mm lens into a macro lens, letting you get super close to things. Just have a look at how close he is able to focus on a match. It's a fairly simple project with all kinds of potential. You should check it out. Link (via boing boing)

I once messed around with some camera equipment and turned my SLR into a pinhole camera. It was loads of fun. I didn't really get any great shots from it but if I can scan one I'll post it here. Maybe I should get out and try some more. Link to instructions.

Speaking of boing boing, there's a new show on CBC called 'Freestyle'. This has taken the place of 'The Roundup' which replaced 'Richardson's Roundup' in the afternoon timeslot. Essentially what they do is play some music and in between songs talk about cool stuff that has been highlighted on boing boing. I'm not sure about the rules about this kind of stuff, but I find it interesting that day after day (I've only heard a couple of shows and they both have included things gleaned from boing boing) they get a lot of their ideas from a website that they never credit.


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