Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Another shot from the Thanksgiving wedding I shot. I think they did a very nice job with the place markers.

I've been working all day on getting our dining room painted. I had to sand the walls this morning and then clean up all the dust (wipe down walls, sweep, vacuum, vacuum again, wipe walls with tack cloth). Then I started in this afternoon on priming the walls. The plaster just drank the first coat of primer like it was water. Coat number two went on much faster (especially because I had help by that time) and covered much better. I have some mixed feelings about us doing the walls. We've scraped off many wallpaper layers to get it down to the bare plaster. It's like erasing all the time that someone put into putting the layers on. A family ran its course here. Children grew up, moved out, brought their own children to visit. I in no way want to undo that but in some ways it feels like that's what we're trying to do. Now with the wallpaper off, we've reached the beginning and we'll try to patch things up and start again. The nice part is that the white of the primer seems so clean, so full of potential. I feel like we should start a mural in one corner and then just add to it as time goes on, slowly filling in the white as time colours our lives. It would always provide good dinnertime conversation if we had guests over.


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