Monday, September 19, 2005

Happier Now

My film order woes have been almost resolved. I had called and got no response until I received a full brick of 20 rolls the day after I sent my e-mail. No note of explanation accompanied this bounty, just a reprint of the original order. The date shipped tells me that it was sent after my original telephone call. Just to recap, that means that I went from having received only 10 of the 20 rolls I paid for to having received 30 rolls for the price of 20. Then, the day after my tally had reached 30 I got an e-mail from the sales department saying that they were going to check the availablity and should be sending me the rest of my order on Monday (today). I promptly e-mailed back and said that the issue had been dealt with but that if they wanted to keep sending me free film they could. I haven't received a reply yet today but I wonder if I'm going to end up with even more film. I'll keep you posted.


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