Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Interesting Mistake

My plan the day I took this was to play by the coast taking some low contrast b&w shots. Kind of in the vein of vir3x.com. So I happily threw my orange filter on and snapped away. I had a fantastic afternoon staring at the sky and the sea, tasting the salt on my lips. The irises were in bloom, holding their own against the wind. Just about a perfect afternoon. I even got back before it started to rain. But, shortly after I dropped off the film for developing I realized that something wasn't quite right. The canister hadn't looked the way it should. Then I realized that rather than b&w I had colour film in my camera all afternoon, shooting through an orange filter. I'm having a really hard time with trying to get a good scan out of these apocalyptic orange prints and convert them to the black and white I want. Another compounding problem is that the lab workers are all trained to try and get pictures to look 'normal'. They've messed a whole lot with the prints to try to do that. Maybe I'll post a couple of the orange prints just so you can see what I mean.


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