Thursday, July 14, 2005


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These cranes dominate when you are looking across the harbour. They've been burned into my mind from prolonged exposure. Kind of like the Bank of Montreal ghost options on the screen at my old Credit Union ATM. I just finished reading Douglas Coupland's 'Microserfs' and there is alot about memory in there. Alot about how memory relates to our vision of the future. Saint John has long been a very industrial city. Over the years much of the industry has been shutting down. When I was growing up here it seemed like this just put Saint John into a state of shock. The historic notion of Saint John as industrial was keeping it from moving forward. Then there were lame attempts to boost economy just through call centers. But now I've been really impressed with the way the city has been trying to move forward and do new things to stay alive. There are alot of new things opening up and alot of good development in the downtown (alot of box stores being thrown up on the East side too, but they've got their own much shorter timeline).


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