Thursday, June 30, 2005

One to Another

One to Another
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I really like the fact that when they pulled this dish it was back toward the one that is still standing. Almost to give it a last chance to send a message for help.


At 2:17 p.m., Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

You have some awesome pics on your blog man.

At 10:43 p.m., Blogger Braleigh said...

Wow, I love the two creepy shots the most. Astounding.

At 7:41 a.m., Blogger everyseven said...

I love all your pics too. I left a message on your brother's blog about them. When I first started reading both of your blogs, I had no idea you were brothers. I've never hiked the Appalachian Trail. Your writing makes me want to. The only place I've backpakced/hiked is in Dolly Sods in West Virginia, where we found a beautiful waterfall when we went miles off the trails!


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