Monday, May 02, 2005


All day I knew the sunset tonight would be magical. You see, it has rained for days. Yesterday we got 30mm more rain than the next wettest area of the province. Cats and dogs doesn't even apply. I got out early this morning for a walk. Even then the sun was shining with intensity. It wasn't shining warmly. The quality of the light was almost surreal as it glinted off the soaking grass, made long shadows with the clothes that had been hung out remarkably early. So, tonight we headed for the beach. We found a stretch that neither of us had been to and set off toward the spot where the waves seemed biggest, slamming into the rocks. As we reached the rocks and climbed to the top, the sun neared the horizon. It was one of the biggest sunsets I've ever seen, everything was exaggerated. There were only two colours in the sky, pink and blue, but the interplay was incredible. Everything around soaked it in. The jumping spray, the calm tide pools, the silhouetted rocks. The windows of a nearby house flooded with colour, making them look like the Dante's gates as they stood out against the beachrock and mortar walls. The sun was glad to be back and wanted us to know it was looking forward to the morning.


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