Saturday, April 02, 2005

A week of learning

The past week was my first week at my new job. Ah, the life of the employed. On the whole it was a pretty good first week. I'm in the middle of training right now. Everyone that I've met there is really nice and approachable. Most of them actually seem to enjoy their employment, which is nice. I'm also starting out making as much per hour as a guy at my last job spent seven years building up to.

In the down times during training I found out (or was reminded of) a few exciting things about the PCT:

1. Starry nights in the desert. There is minimal skyglow here so the night skies are pretty amazing, but I can't wait to lay on my back looking up into that starry dome in the desert.

2. No Grizzlies. I had been thinking that I'd have to worry about those massive bears along the PCT but nope, the grizzlies are gone. I feel kind of torn about this one. Ideally there would be grizzlies, because that would mean that we hadn't encroached as severely into their habitat. I think that I will be able to sleep better at night though.

3. Yosemite. I had my first look at the PCT route through Yosemite this week. I would really like to be there in time to wander around a bit and see some of those vistas that Ansel Adams has made me dream about.


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